If your husband doesn’t love you and he has love for any other person then this is really very shameful experience for you if you could not attract your husband. In such case just use the ritual given below which will break the attraction of your husband toward another woman and he will start attract toward you.

Only a woman can imagine and feel that if her husband love another woman instead of her then what will pass on her heart. She will feel very bad and can do the suicide but this is not correct way. Always remember that suicide is not the solution of any problem. So leave the little and bad thinking and try whatever we are giving here. This will show the effect immediately and your happiness will be come back soon.

What must you do If your husband doesn’t love you?

  •  Arrange the red cotton cloth purse or wallet, yellow mustard seeds, 2 energized Gomati Chakr.
  • Now on the Saturday put the these two Gomati Chakras on the red cotton cloth on wooden table and sprinkle the sea water or Ganga Jal on both of them.
  •  Your name and your husband name should be written on the gomati chakra. Now put both chakras and yellow mustard seed in red cotton cloth purse or wallet.
  • Hold bag in hands and move it 7 times above the head of you and your husband clockwise.
  •  Now put it in the almirah and light the Ghee Lamp daily there.

This is the complete process which can also use to vashikaran your husband or pati.

This is also called Vashikara totka for husband or pati. This is the simple, easy and powerful way which can help you If your husband doesn’t love you