Naqsh of Bismillah for All Problem

Naqsh of Bismillah for All Problem , ” This Naqsh of Bismillah for All Issues is a powrfull and extremely easu to utilize naqash. In the event that any one compose 2 naqsh of Bissmillah amid sharf e aftab in the wake of doing bathing. On a clear paper and keep it with him constantly. And furthermore subsequent to composing present “bismillah hir rahman nir raheem” 786 times day by day whenever for 7 days. At that point continue discussing it for ever every day 132 times whenever. In shaa Allah will dispose of all issues, riches and rizq will increment, get respect, foes will anxious of him/her.

Compose this naqsh on a clear paper with saffron and musk. And furthermore compose same nqash on the opposite side of paper.


Ye Naqsh of Bismillah for All Issues ek bohet taqatwor aur asan naqash hai. Ager wazu ker k Bismillah ka naqash sharf e aftab men mushk o zafran sey likh ker apney pass rakhey aur sath hello there 7 clamor tak “bismillah hir rahman nir raheem” ko kisi bhi time bila nagha 786 bar parhey aur phir rozana kisi bhi time 132 bar parha karey tu in shaa Allah us ki tamam mushkilat asan hongi, rizq men khair o barkat hogi, dushman dor bhag jain gey, jis gher men hoga us gher men barkat hogi,